Oculus First Contact Art direction/concept art

John wallin liberto tumblr ohslgsieh71rldu1jo1 1280

Look and feel concept of the robot, initially designed by RoboGabo

John wallin liberto tumblr ohslgsieh71rldu1jo2 1280

A more detailed paintover of Sean Binder's massout.

John wallin liberto diskimagescopy

Instead of regular stickers we decided to put a game boy like screen on the discs, each symbolizing the objects you would print from the retro 3D printer, the disc was initially designed by Robogabo, the thought was to make it feel both like a cartridge

John wallin liberto labroomrobot

The very first concept of "first contact"

John wallin liberto trailer

This was the 2nd version, which still felt a bit messy and un clean

John wallin liberto tumblr ohslgsieh71rldu1jo9 r2 1280

After a few passes we decided on this direction.

John wallin liberto blaster 1

Early concept of the dart/lazer gun

John wallin liberto tumblr ohslgsieh71rldu1jo10 r2 1280

A view of the back of the trailer

John wallin liberto robopaintover2

Super quick paintover, just to show how gritty it can become sometimes haha

John wallin liberto tumblr ohslgsieh71rldu1jo4 1280

Concept of the look and feel of the computers

John wallin liberto tumblr ohslgsieh71rldu1jo5 1280

Concept of the look and feel of the computers, this was later cut because of the difficulty with keyboads (many buttons next to each other)

John wallin liberto tumblr ohslgsieh71rldu1jo6 1280

Concept of TV screen

John wallin liberto tumblr ohslgsieh71rldu1jo8 1280

Paintover of Chris Emond's 3D model of the 3D printer, which was designed by Robogabo

John wallin liberto tumblr ohslgsieh71rldu1jo3 1280

Holographic butterflies was also a must!

John wallin liberto logo 1

Early logo concept

back in 2016 I got the honor to art direct the NUX (new user experience) for the Oculus Rift and the Touch controllers. The experience should teach how to use the controllers, in a fun way. So We went with an 80's themed experience which has touches of modern objects in it, such as a 3D printer, and a flying Drone robot which becomes your friend.

It was great to get a chance to art direct such a talented team at Oculus!

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